Hi, I'm Patty Ni.
I'm a product designer, ukulele diva, and budding taxidermist. It's nice to meet you!
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Here are a few projects that I recently worked on!

Stylist Appointment Scheduling 🔒

Creating a holistic experience for stylists and operational teams to schedule Clubhouse appointments at Trunk Club.

Packing List Redesign

Leveraging data, user research, and branding to update the Trunk Club packing list.

Onboarding Illustrations

Proving that visuals can help inform and educate our customers.


A playful mix of cat UX, hardware, and software—connecting the human to the cat through robotic mice.


Blurring the lines between work and play.



What gets me up in the morning?

Moving around the US at a young age, I’ve lived in 6 different states and now currently reside in Chicago, IL.

I’m currently a Product Designer at Trunk Club, a Nordstrom-owned company.

I solve problems for people—not brands, and believe that if you design with your customers in mind, you ultimately benefit your brand. I believe that good solutions stem from listening to your customers, and open collaboration with stakeholders, engineers, and designers.

When I’m not working, you can find me sketching around Chicago, checking out new restaurants and bakeries, playing the ukulele, or sewing and stuffing a new specimen.

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